Sunday, November 11, 2012

BlackBerry still best phone in an emergency

CNBC put up a great video with a walk-through of the trade offs between the 3 major platforms iOS, Android and BlackBerry when in a disaster. The consensus is that BlackBerrys are best for phone calls. Which is no news to us, seeing as BlackBerry is designed as a superior communication device. How helpful is Angry Birds in a disaster? The correspondent adds "With my BlackBerry I can get signal where my iPhone just can't." While also giving you fast access to social media which is becoming the new e-mail these days. The video highlights methods for which you can keep your Androids and iPhones charged in an emergency, and applauds BlackBerry for their superior battery life. Hit the break to watch the video for yourself. The picture below sums it up well:

Video source; msnbc
Via; Nerdberry

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