Sunday, February 17, 2013

BlackBerry 10 Camera Tips



1. Use the hardware volume control keys to take your picture instead of obscuring the screen with a finger.

2. Drag and move the cursor on screen to change the point of focus and how exposure is calculated (which can dramatically improve shots in low lighting conditions)

3. Make heavy use of the editing tools in the Pictures application; they can significantly improve your photos.

4. Try to stay as still as possible when taking shots to prevent blurring, and enable Stabilization mode if you're on the move.

5. Remember that the TimeShift camera doesn't have flash; in dark circumstances, it may be better to just take a regular still with the flash on

6. To set a picture as a contact image, tap the thumbnail in the bottom-left after taking the picture, tap the overflow menu button in the bottom right, then Set As, and Contacts.

7. Splice together still photos and video clips with the Story Maker application to create rich slideshows. 

8. If you intend on sharing a video wirelessly, shoot in 720p instead of 1080p by tapping the menu key in the bottom-right and then the resolution toggle.

9. Don't try flipping the phone around and taking a picture of yourself with the primary camera. Tap the menu button in the bottom-right and tap the Switch Camera button to take the shot from the forward-facing camera.

10. Long press the camera icon from the bottom-right of the lock screen to get right to shooting without having to unlock the device.

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