Saturday, January 26, 2013

AT&T Agrees To Acquire 700 MHz Spectrum from Verizon Wireless

It isn't very often that two large competitors like AT&T and Verizon cooperate with each other, but it does happen.  In an effort from both parties to improve their 4G LTE coverage, AT&T will be acquiring some 700 MHz spectrum from Verizon Wireless pending regulatory approval.  The deal will cost AT&T $1.9 billion as well as Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum licenses in several markets, including Phoenix, Ariz., Los Angeles and Fresno, Calif. and Portland, Ore.

Hopefully this deal is approved, as it is does seem like it will benefit both AT&T and Verizon customers down the road.  Hit the source link below for the full press release from AT&T.


Source: AT&T
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