Thursday, August 16, 2012

RIM Invites UI Designers to “Stump the BlackBerry Devs”

RIM Invites UI Designers to “Stump the BlackBerry Devs”:
Stump Cascades Devs
I am really enjoying the new lines of communication RIM has opened up to their developer community. Derek Konigsberg, a long time BlackBerry developer and a friend, inspired RIM’s developer relations team to try a new idea. Its called Stump the BlackBerry Devs and encourages BlackBerry UI designers to submit mock ups or designs that would be difficult to implement using the BlackBerry 10 Cascades UI framework. The Cascades UI development team will try to implement that mock up using Cascades using no hardcoded values.
You simply have to submit an image of your mock-up to the @BlackBerryDev Twitter account using the hashtag #StumpTheBlackBerryDevs to be part of it before August 31st. RIM will then choose the three most difficult and creative submissions in September and implement them using the R8 SDK beta release that is coming soon. RIM will then reveal the designs during BlackBerry Jam Americas during a session on the Unconference Day.
Check out the details here on the DevBlog and let us know if you submit a design!

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RIM Invites UI Designers to “Stump the BlackBerry Devs” |
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